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I’ve Got Your Back: The Agent-Author Relationship

Friday, August 4, 2017
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Cascade B

Agents Dawn Frederick and Stacey Graham will discuss the agent-writer relationship, from queries to published work. They will discuss how an agent encourages the spark of an idea by helping to nurture it into a project with legs and show you how a writer and an agent can work as a team to navigate the publishing world.

In addition, topics discussed in this workshop will be:

The roles of agent and writer: Who does what?
Expectations: Deadline is not a dirty word.
Communication: Agreeing on what works best for each.
What works in the query process – and what doesn’t.
Contracts: Bringing in the muscle.
Support: When to hold a writer’s hand and when to give them a wedgie.
How the agent role is changing.


Dawn Frederick

Dawn Michelle Frederick is the owner/literary agent at Red Sofa Literary, established in 2008. She brings a broad knowledge of the book business to the table, with multiple years of experience as a bookseller in independent, chain, and specialty stores; sales, marketing, and book development experience; previously a literary agent at Sebastian Literary Agency. She has a B.S. in Human Ecology, and a M.S. in Information Sciences. Dawn co-founded the MN Publishing Tweet Up, is currently the News chair for the Twin Cities Advisory Council for MPR, and a teaching artist at Loft Literary. Find her on Twitter at @redsofaliterary.

Looking for: Books that provide a good story and escapism (needing it more than ever). Great social issue books in nonfiction. Smart YA and MG, especially titles that make me laugh (or in other cases, cry). Emotional connection is important. Biography-Historical, media-related, political books. Creative Nonfiction — It needs to be smart, preferably with platform, and commercial (wide range of topics). History – Books that will engage the commercial reader. (Imagine NPR/MPR interviews with authors). Humor – I love a funny book!  Ex: CHOOSE YOUR OWN MISERY (series). Pop Culture – Especially Americana, and anything quirky or offbeat (conversation starter books). Social Issues/Current Affairs— Women’s Studies, GLTB Studies, Social Sciences, and more. Sports — Less mainstream, more extreme sport, ex: Roller Derby, No golf/baseball/football. Women’s Narratives – nonfiction, diverse stories, etc. Young Adult – Fiction (wide range), Nonfiction (wide range of topics). Middle Grade – Fiction (wide range), Nonfiction (wide range of topics)

Not looking for: Personal memoirs. Medical books. Self-Help. Adult SciFi/Fantasy. Romance (I’m 100% the wrong fit for this genre.)