Newsletter Submission Guidelines

NOTE: The submission guidelines for the printed newsletter are different from the website/email announcement lists, and each has its own email address for submissions. 

Printed Newsletter Guidelines

The Willamette Writer considers submissions on writing, especially “how-to” articles on craft and genre. We so not publish personal essays, poetry or fiction of any type. Word count must be kept to a maximum of 750 words. Articles over 750 words will be rejected. We do not buy poetry or fiction. Payment is 6 cents a word, upon publication.

We accept E-mail submissions only, single-spaced, preferably in Calibri 10 point font, with double spacing between paragraphs (if you do not have Calibri, please use a generic font). Please, no tabs, formatting, or page numbering. No hard copy submissions. Please include a short bio and head shot (if you wish), and mailing address for payment. Authors retain copyright. Submissions may be edited for length, clarity and appropriateness at the discretion of the editor. Deadlines are the first of each month. By submitting for publication you agree to having your writing appear in either the print (.pdf) version of the newsletter, or as an online guest article on Willamette Writers website.

Any photos submitted should include a photographer credit.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE SUBMISSION AT A TIME. One submission per person/per month, or they will be rejected, unopened.

Member news announcements should be 50 words or under.

Workshops and other literary event announcements should be 150 words or less. PLEASE DO NOT FORMAT, especially DO NOT use ‘bullets’ or ‘cells’ or they will be rejected. DO NOT send Press Release type announcements where wording and formatting has to be removed. Please just paste the announcement as text into the body of the email.

Submit by e-mail to: willamettewritereditor[at]yahoo[dot]com and identify your submission as ‘Submission to The Willamette Writer.’

Submissions with no subject line, or not identified properly, will be deleted, unopened.