Email Announcement Guidelines

Member announcements for events, critique group notices, book signings, etc that are free to attend are free to send out on the email list. Send an announcement of 150 words to wilwrite[at]willamettewriters[dot]com.

The guidelines below are for submitting book publication announcements, paid announcements, and non-WW announcements. You don’t need to read these guidelines if you’re just sending a simple announcement to the office.

  1. Workshops, classes, and events that charge more than $50 (or suggest a donation above $50) now pay $25 fee to run one time on main list; guidelines below; 150 words per announcement; $25 fee to edit an announcement down to 150 words
  2. Workshops, classes, events and gatherings that charge under $50 pay $10 to run one time on the main list; guidelines below. Free workshops that are offered with the intent of gaining paid clients pay $10 to run one time only.
  3. Members can submit only one member news announcement per list of announcements
  4. One event/workshop/class notice per month for members; event notices run one time only; a month is four calender weeks
  5. Members can run one e-book announcement per month, 75 words maximum. This includes anthologies made available as e-books. Members can submit one book publication announcement per month of 150 words. A publication announcement must be about one book, and will run one time only.
  6. Non-member notices only run if they meet guidelines below.
  7. No non-writing announcements (rentals, house-sharing, etc).
  8. Announcements must be sent in the body of an email and be ready for posting; pdfs and jpegs of fliers, suggestions of visiting a website to get information for an announcement are deleted or require a $25 payment for editing services. Links that appear anywhere but the text of an announcement are ignored. Limit of two links per announcement.
  9. Announcements intended for the Willamette Writers printed newsletters need to follow the guidelines above for the newsletter; submitting something to the email list doesn’t guarantee it reaches the newsletter editor (and sending something to the newsletter editor doesn’t guarantee it reaches the lists for email announcements)
  10. Submissions that do not follow guidelines are deleted; this includes announcements that are scrambled together with personal messages that are forwarded to the WW office
  11. Non-WW groups get one announcement per month, even if their announcements are submitted by WW members
  12. There is a fee of $25 to run member announcements about fee-charging writing or publishing services, or any service that charges writers a fee. Such announcements can only run once a month, and they must be approved first by emailing the WW office with the announcement. Limit 150 words. There is a fee of $100 to run non-member announcements about writing services, and a limit of one per month, and they must be pre-approved.
  13. No announcements seeking investors/funding for projects.
  14. Announcements go out on Monday, except for holidays and unforseen events. Notices must reach the office by 10 am Monday morning. You can use these links to use your credit or debit cards to make payments in the amount of $10 or $25 or by mailing a check to Willamette Writers. Announcements will only be run after payment is received.

More about the Guidelines…

Workshops, classes, and writing event announcements must state the cost of the workshop, class or event and meeting times. Workshop, class and writing event notices that request a link to a website must link to an up-to-date website. If there’s no mention of the workshop on the website, the announcement will not go out. Announcements must be 150 words or less.

Announcements go out only to the appropriate list (Portland events to the Portland list, etc.) Summer workshops just before or after the WW conference will not run on the WW email list; writing contests that conflict with the Kay Snow writing contest will not go out on the list.

Books can have one pre-publication announcement and one publication announcement. Announcements about books being published should be about the book and not reviews of the book or testimonials. Announcements about book reviews can be submitted as member news, with a 75 word limit, and can include a link to the review. Members can only post one book-related announcement per month.

Members can post one e-book announcement per month; e-book announcements are limited to 75 words. A month is four calender weeks (meaning you can’t submit an e-book announcement the last week of November, then the first week of December)

The one book announcement per month per member includes e-books, POD books, anthologies, books published by members for other authors, and traditionally published books.

PDFs and Docs attached to emails are deleted unopened. All notices should be in the body of an email. Announcements that arrive in the body of a newsletter are deleted unread.

Any photos submitted should include a photographer credit.

Send email announcements to wilwrite[at]willamettewriters[dot]com.

Non-Willamette Writers announcements run only if they are of general interest to writers, time permitting. Submitting an announcement to the WW office doesn’t guarantee it will run. Absolutely no business notices, non-writing workshops or events, or notices about rentals, house-sitting, etc. The Soapstone email list charges $25 to run such announcements, for writers who want another avenue to advertise.

The WW email lists are not a free PR service; it is not a List Service. Announcements that need editing (two page press releases, web links with no text about an announcement, personal messages, i.e., “Hey, Bill, just want to let you know…” or announcements that are personal in nature going out to a list of people) require a $25 donation to Willamette Writers to be edited.

Out of state, non-member press releases are deleted unread.