Saturday, May 7, 2015
Central Point City Hall Council Chambers, 140 S. Third Street, Central Point
“Perseverance Through Memoir, Novel, and Shorter Forms”
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Free to members, $10.00 visitors

Writing is a solitary craft that offers many rewards and also can make you feel a little crazy. Why do we write? What keeps us going? Portland author and New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Lauck will discuss her own high and low journey through memoir and the novel, and how failure and fear were the most fertile areas of her development. A frank, funny, helpful, and informative look at the writer’s life. You’ll leave with insights about how to keep writing when you feel discouraged, how to grow as a writer, and wonderful tools that will enhance your writing practice.
Workshop: “How Antagonistic Forces Shape Your Story and Define Your Characters”
1:30 – 3:30 p.m. $25.00 for members, $30.00 for guests ($35 for whole day)

This will be an interactive workshop on increasing drama for a higher, stronger impact. This is not about car crashes and explosions, this is about the subtly that makes a story truly wonderful. To write interesting, compelling stories, you must understand what’s at stake for your characters, and the inner and outer forces that control them. Writers will leave this workshop with a formula that will help them write more compelling stories and build more complex characters. They will also learn the difference between the zero draft and first and second drafts, and how to use each version to deepen character. Finally, writers will learn how to clearly outline antagonistic forces and write scenes that show dramatic progressions that heighten tension for the reader.
If possible, please read The Reader by Bernhard Schlink before this workshop.
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