The Journey of a Book: From Start to Finish with Debra Gordon Zaslow, April 5

Southern Oregon Willamette Writers Presents:DebjpgBW

The Journey of a Book: From Start to Finish   

With Memoir Author Debra Gordon Zaslow

Join storyteller and author Debra Gordon Zaslow as she takes you on the bumpy,

crazy, discouraging, surprising, uplifting, and compelling sixteen year journey of

writing a memoir and getting it published by White Cloud Press.

  • Why to take the time your book need
  • How to survive the emotions of writing about family
  • Why or why not to go to an MFA in writing program
  • Why or why not to publish with a “collaborative” publisher
  • How to maintain a writing practice and keep your self esteem when you have ADD and are certain everyone else is doing more and doing it better than you are

Morning Presentation: Saturday, April 5,  10 am to 12 pm 

Where: LOCATION CHANGE to Central Pt. Police Dept.

155 So. 2nd St., Central Point, OR (around the corner from City Hall-left side)

 Cost: Morning: $10 Visitors, Members: free 

Debra Gordon Zaslow’s memoir, Bringing Bubbe Home, comes out this June (White Cloud Press). She teaches storytelling at SOU, and teaches memoir writing classes in the community. She has an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and has published numerous stories and memoir pieces in anthologies.

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