Critique Groups

Can’t find a critique group that’s in your area or in your genre? Start one of your own.

Looking for help with a writing project? Want to improve your craft?

Join a Critique Group!

Small, personal critique groups can be the best way to improve your writing.

We’ve listed some of the small critique groups that are currently looking for other writers. We check with these groups monthly to make sure they’re still active and interested in new members.

Groups by Location

Salem Area Critique Groups
Corvallis Area Critique Groups (WWotR Chapter)
Eugene area Critique Groups (Mid-Valley Chapter)
Southern Oregon (Medford/Ashland)
Coast (Newport)

If none of these work well for you, and for a group that specifically helps you get connected with critique groups in Portland, OR, please check out our friends at 9 Bridges. Or create your own group using our Critique Group form.